POLICYMIX has offset 475 tonnes of CO2 equivalents emitted by international flights.

Created by Margrethe Tingstad on 3/2/2012 9:51:09 AM

POLICYMIX has offset a total of 475 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (t/CO2e) emitted by international flights made by NINA, UFZ, FFCT-UNL, VU-IVM, IIED, SYKE, REDES, FUNDAG and CATIE during the 48 months durance of the project by purchasing environmental service certificates issued by the Plan Vivo Foundation

The ‘Plan Vivo Certificates’ that have been purchased are from the The Scolel Te Project in México and have been issued in accordance with the Plan Vivo System. Each Certificate represents the reduction or avoidance of one tonne of carbon dioxide (tCO2) plus additional ecosystem and livelihood benefits.


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The Scolel Té project is a sustainable land-use project coordinated by AMBIO, a Mexican Cooperative, located in the Chiapas and Oaxaca districts of Mexico. Scolel Te generates Plan Vivo Certificates through community-led forest management (forest conservation activities generating avoided emissions Plan Vivo Certificates), afforestation, reforestation and agroforestry activities. 

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Publication :A review of the cost-effectiveness and performance of selected Verifiable Emission Reduction (VER) carbon offsets