Conference themes 

1. Frameworks for policy mix design and analysis: 

such as Ostrom’s Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework, portfolio approaches, Pannell’s public-private benefits framework, functional role analysis of policy instruments, governance frameworks dealing with policy mixes or other innovative approaches

2. Empirical methods for policy mix analysis: 

including spatial analysis, before-after-control-impact analyses, matching techniques

3. Criteria for design and evaluation of policy mixes or instruments in policy mixes: 

such as sequencing policies; conflicting, synergistic, complementary instruments, ecological, economic, social or institutional criteria for assessing instruments in policy mixes; the role of economic valuation in policy mix analysis

4. Instruments and their role in policy mixes: 

such as regulatory and planning instruments, habitat or emissions trading, environmental taxes and charges, PES, ecological fiscal transfers, REDD+, certification

5. Policy mixes for green infrastructure

6. Policy mixes for innovative conservation financing 

7. Policy mixes for biodiversity conservation, habitat and species protection 

8. Integrated conservation and management of forests and forest ecosystem services 

9. Agriculture, agrienvironmental schemes and ecosystem services

10. Water policies, watershed management and ecosystem services 

11. Marine and fisheries policies and ecosystem services

12. Climate and energy policies and ecosystem services 

13. Urban biodiversity and ecosystem services