Policymix report nr. 2: Instrument Mixes for Biodiversity Policies

Created by Margrethe Tingstad on 6/14/2011 9:49:35 AM

Major results of the review of policy instruments and their role in a policy mix are now available. POLICYMIX Report No. 2/2011 "Instrument Mixes for Biodiversity Policies" outlines the challenges of policy mix analysis, suggests a framework for assessing instruments in policy mixes for biodiversity and ecosystem governance and –  against this background – reviews important policy instruments for biodiversity conservation and the provision of forest ecosystem services.

Biodiversity conservation usually builds on strategies involving a wide range of policy instruments. Within these policy mixes, the use of economic instruments for biodiversity policies and maintaining the provision of ecosystem services has gained increasing attention, not least in the context of the recent TEEB initiative on The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity. However, what is the role of economic instruments vis-à-vis regulatory approaches in biodiversity policies? How can the various instruments be assessed in their contribution to conservation objectives, cost-effectiveness, social and distributional impacts as well as institutional requirements?